Monday, January 30, 2012

“I love your ring!” Fashionable, forward-thinking and fabulous, a right hand ring is a small accessory that can highlight your sense of style and uniqueness in a striking way. Unlike traditional engagement rings which are worn on the left hand and never removed, a right hand ring is worn by a woman to celebrate her individuality and personal style. No longer does a woman have to wait for a man to buy her a ring to enjoy the sparkle of a diamond. Right hand rings empower women by allowing them to enjoy beautiful rings with no strings attached.

This trend first rose to prominence during prohibition in the 1920’s with the emergence of “speakeasies”, which were illegal parties where alcohol was served. Only the elite and wealthy had access to these events. Women would get all dolled up and head over to these underground parties to mix with the party crowd. It was an age of excess and this was often expressed in fashion. Flapper dresses, bobbed hair and heavy makeup all defined this new breed of woman, and the accessory widely known for completing this look was a large, flashy right hand ring. Flappers would flaunt these over-sized rings as they held up their illegal cocktails, which is where the phrase “cocktail ring” first emerged. Today these statement rings continue to be a driving trend among celebrities in Hollywood. Katherine Heigl, Drew Barrymore and Jessica Biel are just a few of the starlets who are frequently seen wearing these over-sized, compliment-garnering fashion rings.

Right hand rings are available in a wide variety of different styles, colors and stones. When choosing a ring that is right for you, consider the frequency you will be wearing it. This will influence the design you choose and which metal and center stone will work best. We’ve picked out a few of our favorites to showcase a range of styles to choose from.

Since a right hand ring is traditionally something you buy for yourself, one option is to select a ring that features your birthstone as the center stone. For those born in February, we love this Rose de France amethyst ring in 14k white gold. With a bold, purple gemstone, this ring is bound to draw attention in all the right ways. This diamond and blue topaz ring in 14 karat white gold is a sure-fire way to add excitement and visual interest to any outfit. For a style that is glamorous while defying convention, the floral motif of this enhanced black, champagne and white diamond ring in 14 karat white gold features 1 1/2 carat total weight in diamonds and will add decadent glamour to any ensemble.

Whatever your style, there is a right hand ring that’s just waiting to add a dramatic touch to your wardrobe. Browse our selection of Diamond Fashion Rings and Pearl Rings to find the beautiful one that’s just right for you.


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