Friday, August 24, 2012

Wedding favors are a wonderful way to bring personality and fun into to your special day. They’re also a great way to thank each and every guest who’s been a part of your journey as a couple. But how to choose the perfect wedding favors? You want guests to leave with something special that will be actually be used and enjoyed. We’ve seen tons of super creative  ideas for wedding favors on Pinterest and have narrowed it down to our favorites. Below you’ll find five, fresh ideas for fabulous wedding favors.

Regional Treats

If you’re hosting a wedding in your hometown, give your guests a taste of your favorite home grown local treats. This can be homemade marmalade, baked goods, seasonal fruits or signature sauces – anything that will give them a taste of the region. Package favors in a classic-style container, add a ribbon and top it off with a personal message on a sticker or tag using your wedding colors.

Personalized Flash Drive

Send your guests home with a unique favor they will actually use with a personalized flash drive. Load it up with your favorite photo’s of you as a couple along with a playlist or video message to your guests. They will love this unique memento that doubles as a potable storage device they can actually use.

Cake Pops

Cake pops are a huge wedding favor trend. If you’ve never heard of them, they are little balls of cake and frosting mixed together and dipped in another layer of frosting. They’re usually decorated with sprinkles, colored sugar or candy. The packaging is where you can really add some personality. Wrap cake pops in cellophane and tie with a ribbon, or nestle them in decorative boxes wrapped up as gifts. You can even have them on display at your reception by sticking the ends of the pops into a Styrofoam block.

Go Green

For couples looking for eco-friendly favors, the gift of greenery is just the thing. Individual potted plants or herbs can be purchased inexpensively in bulk. Choose a plant or flower that’s meaningful to you as a couple and decorate the pot with your names, the wedding date or a meaningful quotation. Spring bulbs are another nature-inspired idea. Daffodils, tulips and amaryllis are just a few blooms that will surely bring happiness to your guests.


A different and creative option, a dvd allows couples to show their personality by creating a thank you video. This video can also showcase a couple’s talents. Whether it’s a song, a poem or a reenactment of how you met as a couple, this favor allows you to be creative while expressing your gratitude in a fun way to the people you love.

Which of these fabulous favor ideas would you use in your wedding? Did we leave something out? Share with us below your favorite wedding favor ideas.


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