Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A look at some of the world’s most famous diamond necklaces

Earlier this year Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge was spotted wearing a gorgeous diamond necklace to a fundraising event at the National Portrait Gala. As usual, people oohed-and-ahhed at the ever-fashionable Princess Kate’s outfit and her choice of sparklers, a necklace which contained the almond shaped Nizam Diamond named after Prince Nizam of Hyderabad on loan from the Queen herself.


The always-stunning Duchess of Cambridge paired the English-rose inspired necklace designed by Cartier with an amazing midnight blue Jenny Packham gown, a choice that only further accentuated Her Royal Highness’s beauty and elegant sense of style.

But the Nizam Diamond, astonishingly beautiful as it is, is by no means the only historically-significant diamond necklace in the world. Given how innately precious the diamond is, there have been many important diamond necklaces over the years – necklaces whose value increases due to their wearer or because of the colors and sizes of the stones themselves. Here are some examples:

The Archduke Joseph Diamond


The Archduke Joseph Diamond shares its place of origin with the Nizam Diamond, in an ancient Indian mine in Golconda. Named after Joseph of Alcsut, the Archduke Joseph of Hungary, this diamond is an heirloom of the Hapsburgs and bears a rare clarity rating of flawless D.

The Hope Diamond (and the Heart of the Ocean)


One of the most well-known diamonds in the world is the Heart of the Ocean, a large blue diamond found in the ruins of the Titanic in the movie of the same name. While it is true that the “Heart of the Ocean” is a fictional diamond necklace, it’s actually based on the Hope Diamond, a fancy dark grayish blue diamond in the antique cushion cut. According to legend, there is a curse on the diamond so that wearers are doomed to unhappy fates. Some notable owners were Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI, who were beheaded at the guillotine, and the jeweler Jacques Colot who suffered from mental illness and committed suicide later on.

The richly storied diamond necklace now resides in The Smithsonian Institute where the stone’s deep blue colors continue to enchant viewers.

The Taylor-Burton Diamond


A diamond necklace especially renowned for its owners is the Taylor-Burton Diamond, purchased by popular actor Richard Burton for his wife at the time, actress and icon, Elizabeth Taylor. A splendid diamond found in South Africa, the Burton-Taylor diamond was cut by famous jeweler Harry Winston into the shape of a pear. The diamond was then set into a necklace which Elizabeth Taylor famously wore to Princess Grace of Monaco’s 40th birthday celebration. Upon the famous couple’s divorce, the diamond was auctioned off to fund a hospital in Botswana, one of Ms. Taylor’s philanthropic projects.

Diamonds and you

The diamond’s timeless beauty makes it a well-sought after jewel for necklaces and from the few mentioned here, it seems that many members of royalty, celebrities and trendsetters agree. And while the diamond isn’t exclusive to kings and queens, it is a big investment. So if you’re planning to purchase a diamond necklace, it’s a good idea to brush up on the 4Cs that give a diamond value, as well as on the qualities that give precious metals their prices. That way, you can make sure that you’re getting the authentic item for the price it’s truly worth.


When it comes to buying diamond jewelry such as this brilliant cushion-cut yellow diamond halo pendant, Bailey Banks and Biddle can assure you that you’re getting a product that has met only the strictest standards. Feel free to read all about purchasing diamonds at the jewelry guide or consult with our well-trained jewelry experts.

You can also have your diamond jewelry cleaned or repaired at any Bailey Banks and Biddle location, whether you have a diamond necklace which may prove historically-significant in the future or a more contemporary solitaire or fashion design!

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