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How To Clean Jewelry

One of the most popular questions jewelry owners have is how to clean your jewelry. With so many different gemstones and metals, jewelry cleaning can get a bit overwhelming. We’ve done our best to break it down by diamonds, pearls and other gemstones!


Pearls are one of the most delicate stones, so they cannot be cleaned with any chemical. Use these tips when cleaning your jewel of the sea:
  • The best way to clean pearls is with mild soapy water and a very soft cloth. You do not need to use soap every time you clean the pearls, just about every fifth cleaning.
  • Wipe down your pearls with a soft, dry or slightly damp cloth after each wear to remove body oils.
  • If the metal jewelry clasp of the pearls needs to be cleaned, try dipping a q-tip into a jewelry cleaning solution. Be very careful not to get any jewelry cleaner on the pearls!
  • Diamonds

    We know how much you love your diamonds. Keeping them in the best shape is very important because you want to cherish them for years to come! Here are some tips to keep your diamonds sparkling:
  • Diamond cleaning is simple: soak the jewelry in a solution of a few drops of mild dish soap in water.
  • After soaking the jewelry for a few minutes, use a toothbrush to gently remove any dirt or oils.
  • Rinse your jewelry, and dry it with a jewelry polishing cloth. We recommend cleaning your diamonds once a week!
  • Gemstones

    Your jewelry collection may include ruby, topaz, emerald, and more! Each gemstone requires a particular care method. See below for more gemstone care tips:
  • Similar to diamonds, all gemstones can be cleaned with a mild and soapy water solution.
  • Jewelry cleaning solutions work wonders on gemstones when used properly. Always check the instructions on the package.
  • Don’t use jewelry cleaner for opals or emeralds as a rule of thumb.
  • As always, don’t wear your jewelry when using household cleaners, swimming, or when applying perfumes and lotions. Get your jewelry inspected at least every six months, if not more! Don’t forget Bailey’s offers free jewelry cleaning and inspections while you shop! Our jewelry experts will always know the best way to keep your sparkle shining bright.
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